About Us

From humble beginnings in the back room of their flat in Wellington, Richard and Tania have built Weta Workshop to be a world-leading design and effects facility servicing the world’s creative industries.

As you will see below they have had the great fortune of working with and meeting a great number of people through their career.

Our Departments

Follow the link to view a collection of images of the wonderful people who are working with us today or have worked with us over the years...

People in our departments

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Want to join Us?

The Weta Workshop family is made up of some of the most passionate, creative, tenacious and outright excellent people imaginable.

It's not easy to get a job here. We hand pick 5-10 new people every year and we already have thousands of portfolios to choose from.

Unless you have skills or experience that we cannot find in New Zealand, New Zealand immigration rules state you have to be a resident.

But if you possess the passion, tenacity and residence status to be considered, and have a skill we employ we do encourage you to follow your dream and apply.

Skill sets we employ - Weta Workshop employs a wide range of skills in design and manufacturing:

Conceptual Designers, Sculptors, Mold Makers, Model Makers, CNC Operators, 3D modellers, Costumers, Make-up Artists, Leatherworkers, Engineers, Painters.

Work Experience/Internships

Due to massive workload and strict confidentiality agreements with our clients, we don't have any kind of established internship or work experience programme.

We have such a wealth of young talented New Zealanders wishing to start a career in our field that we tend to contract these people straight away without the need for internships.